Huber Window Cleaning
Do you only clean windows?

The company is called Huber Window Cleaning, but we do much more than just clean windows. Besides cleaning interior and exterior windows we offer a plethora of other services as well including:


  • Deep cleaning of tracks and sills
  • Removing, deep cleaning, drying and re-installing of screens
  • Removing and Re-installing of storm windows
  • Pressure Washing of decks, patios, walkways, driveways, fences, siding, soffits, fascia  etc…
  • Eavestrough Cleaning
How often should I have my windows cleaned?

This is the most common question asked to us by our customers, and there isn’t a definitive answer because every situation is different.  Most of our customers have a cleaning in Spring and then Fall. Living near dirt roads, construction areas or developments will cause your windows to become dirty more frequently, which will require additional window cleaning.  Commercial buildings tend to have more traffic than a home on an everyday and weekly basis, which causes the windows to become dirtier a lot more quick.  To keep your business and building sparkling, we recommend a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning.  Whether you need your windows cleaned before your business opens for the day or you want the windows shining by the time you re-open after lunch; Huber is here for you. This assures when customers walk past or into your business they focus on the products or services rather than the windows.

A rule of thumb for knowing if you need your windows cleaned is; if you are asking or wondering about it then you should get them cleaned.

*Regularly cleaning your windows will keep them sparkly, prolong their lifespan and help your house or business look clean and welcoming.*

Do you clean windows in the rain?

Customers constantly call us, wondering about cleaning windows in the rain.  It’s a great question.  The simple answer, Yes.  We clean windows in the rain, as long as it doesn’t compromise the quality of work or the safety of  the workers.  Light rain is not a concern for us, we always clean windows in this type of weather.  The real concern is when its pouring rain and incredibly windy.  The hard rain can make it very slippery on the ladder or flat surfaces for the workers as well softens the ground which can cause the ladders or even workers to sink while working.


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