Picking The Right Window Cleaning Company

Commercial Window Cleaning

Choosing the right commercial window cleaning company will not only help you get the job done right, but it will help prevent some major headaches.

Below you will find some important questions you should be asking:

Do you have insurance?

One of the first things you should ask any window cleaning company is “Do you have insurance?”
Believe it or not, not all window cleaners have insurance. Even someone who looks professional may not be insured or may not have adequate insurance for your property. This is a very important question to ask. What happens if a window is broken or the cleaner has a fall? If they don’t have adequate insurance, you could be paying for a lot more than just a repair bill.

What experience do you have?

It is important to check out how long a company has been in business to ensure you’re getting a reputable company. Unfortunately it is very easy for someone to open a window cleaning company without any experience or prior knowledge of the industry. This can leave you very disappointment and a higher than necessary window cleaning bill to pay for another company to fix the mistakes.

Are you “Working at Heights” certified?

It is mandatory in Ontario for anyone working on a ladder to have their Working at Heights certification. Make sure the company you are going to hire has properly certified employees; this means they can deal with any situation that may arise while working high above the ground. Proper preparation is the best way to prevent an accident.

Do your research!

Always look up a company online, do they have a website? Do they include insurance and safety information? Read their Positive/Negative reviews, Do they look professional?
If their online appearance does not impress you, do you really think their work will?
You can also ask for professional references. A company that declines sending you references or does not have them available is likely not someone you want to deal with.

Huber Window Cleaning is Celebrating 45 Years servicing the tri-cities. All of the Crews at HWC are Working at Heights certified. Employees completing High Rise Window Cleaning have completed a 2 day training course. In house training is offered on top of the ministry required training and safety meetings are held at the beginning of each season and monthly there after.

Give Huber Window Cleaning a call for your next property and you will see the difference our elite service and experience makes.