Back to School Time!

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Back to school, Hope you’re ready!

You might be pulling your hair out right now because kids head back to school this tuesday and your little ones still haven’t decided on what shoes they want or what new backpack they must have this year.

And probably worst of all: trying to shop for clothes!

I was out shopping the other day by myself for my 6 year old and 4 year old. That was a breeze! I am lucky at this age clothing is still pretty simple. But I saw a lot of moms out with their pre-teens and/or teens trying to drag out any information possible. “What colour pants, skinny or regular…do you want shirts here or a different store… this is cute, what do you think” most of the question were answered with an “I don’t know” or a blank stare. I guess this is what I have to look forward to in a few years!

Then there are the school supplies. I have heard from many parents that they won’t get the list of required supplies until the first day. I was told this as well. But as I walk into walmart and see their shelves start to empty I am getting anxious! Not to mention once school starts you know they we be changing over to the Christmas stuff!

Once the shopping is done and the first day arrives every parent is sighing with relief. Congratulations! You survived the summer and back to school rush.

As you walk around your quiet house you will likely notice projects that you just didn’t have time to complete this summer. Your windows are likely dirty from the summer traffic and

construction, not to mention finger prints and smudges from your kids and dog!

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Let Huber Window Cleaning Help you out with some of the chores.

We can clean your windows inside and out, unclog your gutters and pressure wash your whole house including walk ways, decks and patios!

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