Celebrating Moms on Mother’s Day

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We all celebrate Mother’s Day in different ways and with different moms in our lives. 

As a mother of 2 young children I am lucky to be showered with hand made gifts that they made at school and my husband spoils me with flowers and brunch.

It is great being on the receiving end, but I still have my Mom to plan for. Over the years I have tried to get creative and think of things she may need or want. After many years of this cycle, I realized that all she wants is to spend the day with me and does love flower baskets 🙂

I am ready for this year but there are last minute shoppers looking for great ideas.

The best idea would be to purchase a Huber Window Cleaning Gift Certificate 🙂
We offer them in cash amounts or services.

Some other great ideas I have come across in my search include:

Spa Gift Cards or a Spa day for both of you

Take them out for Brunch / Lunch / Dinner or Prepare it yourself

Give them a day off or a couple hours to themselves



Shopping together

Going to a movie

Something for their hobby – Gardening Tools, Recipe Cards, Photo Print Cards, Travel Bag / Luggage

Cook Book, New Best Seller

You know the moms in your life better than anyone, so go with you gut, add some love and it will be the perfect gift!

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