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The internet has made obtaining information about almost anything, as easy as searching it in Google.  How awesome is that?  We have the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into anything we choose whenever we want.

We all do it right? Maybe when we’re bored we just start searching random things like; Whats the average cost of homes in Ontario? $477,000 up 9.3% in the last 12 months.  What is the heaviest element in the periodic table? Uranium at an atomic mass of 238.  You can literally search anything.

It seems like just yesterday Al Gore, brought national attention to the effects of climate change on the world and environment, turning it into a global initiative. Since than, we have seen corporations, business, individuals and even countries start changing the way they do things, in hopes to slow the rate of global warming and better protect the environment for future generations.

We have noticed this at Huber Window Cleaning too.    earth-405096_1280

Lately, a lot of our current and potential customers are calling us to schedule window cleanings, pressure washings or eavestrough cleanings are asking; What do you use to clean with?  Is it natural?  Will it kill my plants? Is it harmful to the environment?

These types of questions bring a smile to my face for a few reasons: this shows customers care about not only their homes, but also the environment and the future of the planet. This allows us at Huber Window Cleaning to explain what we use to customers, which in turns shows them we care about more than just business, we can about the people, their homes/properties and the environment.

To clean windows, we use everyday environmentally friendly dish soap that you can buy almost anywhere.  Pressure washing siding, soffits, fascia, decks, patios, walkways, driveways etc… we use a 100% natural citrus cleaner, when needed.  The Citrus cleaner not only cleans incredibly well, it doesn’t harm plants, flowers or grass and even leaves a lovely citrus scent.

The next time you call a company that is working on your home or on your property be sure to ask them what kind of products they are using, and how it affects the environment.

Here is a list of eco-friendly products you can use to clean your home with that have little to no negative effect on the environment.



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  • Alex


    Can you recommend any attachments for a reach and wash window cleaning system? We cannot remove oil stains or grease from glass.If we use wadhing up liquid with our pure water system we create a lot of foam.

    Any ideas?

    Great article

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