Fall Home Maintenance

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The fact that I am writing this, means Summer is almost officially over.  The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, which can only mean one thing; Fall is coming.

Here are a few ways to help your home function safely and properly in the colder months:

  1. Caulk Windows – your home probably has some small drafts, but were hardly noticeable in the summer, but when that cool fall breezes comes, it has the strength to chill you to the bone. By simply caulking around windows, door frames and even opening where wire or pipe are entering your home, you ensure an air tight home, which will lower those pesky heating bills.
  2. Clean Eavestroughs – they are probably the most important part of your home and the most overlooked when sit comes to cleaning and maintenance.   Water can cause horrific damage to your home. Eavestroughs are designed to move that water away from your home as far as possible.  When eaves are clogged, or damaged they don’t function properly which can cause back ups in the down pipes, or even roof leaks from frozen water build up under shingles.
  3. Seal The Driveway – Water can go anywhere and enter the smallest of holes or cracks and just sit there until it evaporates or freezes.  Unfortunately when it freezes, is when the damage starts to happen.  Once water freezes, it contracts and begins to push up to the surface; that is why sealing your driveway is very important this time of year. Water can enter the cracks, freeze which causes bigger cracks or shifts in your driveway to happen.  Which could mean a full driveway replacement.
  4. Clean Yard Equipment – Its bitter sweet putting all your outdoor tools away come Fall, but whats worse is when you go to take the tools out next spring and they are philthy, covered in dirt and grass, and rusting.  There is a very easy way to prevent this; clean your tools before you put them in for the fall/winter.  It’s much easier to clean them now than later.
  5. Check for Peeling Paint –  Paint serves more functions than just looking good. It actually seals the surface it adheres to as well, it creates a coating of protection between the wall and the outside world.  Exterior paint has to withstand; heat, wind, humidity, snow, hail etc…. which means it is more susceptible to cracking or chipping. Walk around the outside of your home and look for paint that is coming off, this is a sign it should be re painted before the harsh cold weather deteriorates it, which will be more expensive to replace.


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  • Greg Sureseal

    Danielle, you’ve shared brilliant substance for fall home maintenance here, which will help me significantly. The fall season is coming soon, and I need to make some maintenance changes.

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