Don’t Be Left In The Cold This Winter

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A mud covered SUV tries to negotiate a very muddy dirt road.

As far back as I can remember the first snow fall of the year traditionally happened on or around Halloween.  I remember because my costume was always under my winter coat, mitts, boots and toque.  But this year, Halloween was precipitation free for the first in a long time.   In fact, it took until almost Christmas for snow to fall.   We haven’t seen snow in 9+ months, so I decided to remind people, including myself,  of necessary and easy ways to get your vehicle ready for the snow and cold weather.


  1. Tires – winter tires are the best thing you can install on your car for winter driving.  They are made to handle and perform better than summer or even all season tires.  Do yourself and everyone a favour and have them installed on your vehicle today.
  2. Wind shield Wipers – Wind shield Wipers should be changed once a year, or when you notice the rubber starting to break or chip.  UV rays from the sun eat away at the rubber and over time, it begins to break down the physical integrity of the wiper.  You will be happy when you are caught in a snow storm and have working wipers.
  3. Restock Emergency Kit – Most cars come standard with a first aid kit, but they are very minimal in what they contain.  For a winter kit I suggest including: blanket(s), jumper cables, flash light, sand/salt/kitty litter, snacks ( no beverages. they explode after they have been frozen for an extended period of time.), flares, folding shovel, hand warmers, matches, candle and anything else you feel can be of use if stranded.
  4. Wind shield Washer Fluid – drain the rest of your current fluid and add winter fluid to the washer reservoir in your car.  Winter washer fluid is made for the excess salt and dirt that sprays on your car and windows in winter.  It also has a much lower freezing point that regular fluid so it will be ready to use in any weather temperature.
  5. Test your Car Battery – The cold weather adds alot of stress to your car battery. It is recommended to have no less than 650 CCA ( Cold Cranking Amps ). You want to make sure the battery is in great working condition because the you don’t want to be stuck with a dead battery in heart of winter.
  6. Wax Your Car – This sounds crazy because no one is going to see your car under all that snow, dirt and salt winter brings. It’s not suppose to make your car look good now, its going to make your car look great later.  By waxing your car, you are creating another layer between your car and snow. This is great for the life of your car, it will repel most salt and snow leaving less wear on your paint job thus preserving it longer.  Once you do it once, you will have this done every winter.

I hope this is of use to all of you.  It definitely opened my eyes of ways I can be more prepared for the winter season.


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