Mothers Day Dilemma

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What do Mother’s really want for Mothers Day?


Being a male just shy of his 30th birthday, I feel I am right person to answer this question.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas


First let me make one thing clear, I am not a mother and probably will never be in my life.

But, I do have over 25 years experience, that I can remember, with Mothers Day and it has always held a place close to my heart. Not just because its my Mom, but because I was born the day before Mothers Day in 1986.  Some say I was a gift, others say it was a curse. ( Depending on which day you ask my Mom, she will give you one of the two answers. )

I remember giving my Mom all sorts of things and trinkets on Mothers Day throughout the years.  From hand made cards and coupon books, to flowers and candy.  Each time, they were accompanied by a card, a big hug and kiss.  But as my family gets older, its getting more difficult to find something that is uniquely original and something that she would never think of getting herself.

Working at a Window Cleaning company, I thought maybe a home full of clean windows would be a great idea?  Which it was, until I found out my Dad cleaned them all himself a week ago.  Maybe power washing of the concrete around her pool? So its nice and clean when they decide to open it for the year.  Found out my Dad did it at the end of last year before closing the pool.

So I did what everyone would do in my situation, Google “Top Gifts Mothers want for Mothers Day” and used that for guidance and inspiration.   What I found was surprising but also what I expected to find.  The study was created and ran by Child’s Play Communications, who polled over 500 Mothers with kids under the age of 18, and the results were:

*What Mothers want for Mothers Day:

  • 20% – preferred handmade gifts
  • 12% – preferred a day off
  • Lowest on the list: candy, jewelry and breakfast in bed. 

*What Mothers expect to receive for Mothers Day:

  • 22% – expect to only receive a Mothers Day card
  • 19% – expect, the highly desired, handmade gift  
  • 14% – expect flowers

The worst news is only 2% of moms expect to receive the highly coveted day off, while sadly 9% don’t expect to receive anything at all.

After racking my brain with how to surprise her, I had enough of thinking outside of the box.

I now know exactly what to get my Mom on her special day; a Mothers Day card, big kiss and hug and a day free of myself, girlfriend and wiener dog.

If that doesn’t work then maybe I can dig up an old coupon book I made 20 years ago, I just hope the coupon for Free foot rub has expired.






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