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It’s very hard to keep up with everything going on in the world.  There are so many media outlets; online, TV and even social media. Once something happens it seems that the whole world know about it right away.  Which is great.  But with so much information being thrown at you on a daily basis its very hard to keep up with everything.

I decided to take some time and look at the what the media have projected for trends in 2016.  To not over saturate this blog or even bore you I’ve chose 4 categories I feel pertain to trends most people are familiar with; Phones, Travel, Food and Home.

Phone Trennds

What is one thing you wish you could improve on your phone?  Screen Size? Speed?  Well screen size average has increased on smart phone since 2007 where it averaged 2.59” to 2015 where it was just over 5.6”.  If speed is a concern, cellphones have changed from 1G to 4G in less than a decade with 5G speeds coming soon.  Read more here.

For myself, the biggest issue is Battery Life.
Battery Lifecycle

I find myself charging my phone twice a day, which is insane to me.  How can we put Rovers on Mars but my phone can’t keep its’ charge for 24 hours?  Something isn’t quite adding up.  Apparently a lot of customers feel the same was as myself and cellphone manufactures are focusing on battery life and battery charging in 2016.* ( Click image to read more )


Travel Trends

Initially I was going to write about, the most popular travel locations or the best times to book vacations.  When I was doing some research I decided to deviate from because of what were trends in the travel industry.  There are numerous blogs and websites showing the “best place to travel you have never heard of.” or “best ways to save money while travelling.”  A great example is the new platform Utrip, which takes a measure of your preferences and crafts an entire travel itinerary for you, including sightseeing, restaurant plans, and hotel reservations.**

Customer Service

More and more travel booking and planning platforms are using algorithms to predict how you want to travel, taking away a lot of the heavy lifting on your part.

The coolest thing I found was from Aloft Hotels.  They have a concierge service that is strictly through texting and only uses emoji’s. (Click the video  to see exactly how it works.)

Food Trends

I love food, as do most people. Over the past couple years, I have found myself taking a lot more pride in my cooking skills. Essentially being self taught, I watch the Food Network religiously and picked up 95% of my cooking skills and knowledge from it, I find myself trying new recipes all the time.

Instead of rambling on, here is a video from the National Restaurant Association predicting the 2016 Food Trends.  I have one word for you; Artisan.***

Home Trends

From black stainless steel appliances to outdoor fabrics used indoors, these design ideas will be gaining steam in the new year.****

The modern home is always evolving. And to get an idea of what it’s evolving to, look no further than what’s happening within its walls today. With that in mind, check out which designs and concepts will be coming to more homes in 2016.


I hope these trends get you excited for what’s to come in 2016 because I sure am.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.







*                                                     **                                   ***                             ****

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