What Strong Workplace Teamwork can do for a Business.

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Workplace teamwork is constantly being encouraged around the world. Companies take seminars, hire professional trainers, perform internal audits and take personality tests all to find better ways to improve teamwork and camaraderie in the workplace. Knowing employee values, and how they think can be a valuable tool when it comes to learning, development and teamwork in the workplace.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”

What if the weakest link, is made out of a different material; like rubber? A rubber link in a metal chain would certainly be the weakest, but what if it was put in a different environment or scenario? In the right environment, a rubber link excels and succeeds. Its hard, but we can`t judge or evaluate every single employee the same way.  Everyone is different, which means they think, learn and act differently too. Where one employee is lacking, another can be excelling and vice versa. It is the managers job, to find which employees excel where and set them up for success, not for stress and failure. 

Below are 5 reasons why strengthening workplace teamwork is a great idea.

1.  Team work leads to happy workersWorkplace teamwork - Huber Window Cleaning

Tackling a big job or task can be intimidating and stressful, especially if you’re working alone. This can lead to mistakes, being unmotivated or even failure to complete the task on time. When working with others, big intimidating jobs look smaller and easier to finish because the job can be divided amongst the team. With less individual responsibility each member can complete different aspects of the job, causing lower levels of stress leading to happy, healthier and more efficient workers.

2. Teamwork leads to efficiency

Allowing employees to work to their strengths, the company will run more effectively as specific tasks can be completed quicker. Workplace teamwork allows employees strengths and weaknesses to be exposed. I am not saying have the same employees perform the same tasks day after day. But when an employee excels in a certain area, its easier for them to work under pressure while doing a certain task.  In the slow times, these employees can help train each other in their areas of expertise. This allows employees to learn in a stress free environment, where they can take more time learning the ins and outs of another aspect of the job without feeling rushed or pressured.

3. Teamwork builds trust and support

Teamwork builds strong relationships with coworkers, and relying on other people builds trust. There will always be disagreements in the workplace, that is impossible to avoid.  With teamwork the disagreements can stay as disagreements and not turn into arguments. Workplace teamwork allows members to support each other in achieving a common goal rather than trying to succeed alone. With Trust and support from others in the workplace, morale, happiness and confidence increase leading to less mistakes and greater accomplishments.

4. Teamwork leads to innovation

Usually there are numerous solutions for any problem or issue. When an employee is working alone, he or she may only be able to think of a couple solutions. But when a team encounters a problem different personalities, perspectives, and experiences have the ability to look for a solution in varying ways.  This can lead to quicker solutions and better innovation.

5.  Teamwork creates strong working relationships

Workplace teamwork - Huber Window CleaningEmployees that work together and succeed together, form strong bonds that can turn into friendship out side of the workplace.  Employees who like each other are more likely to:

  • Cooperate with each other
  • Have more patience
  • Motivate each other
  • Communicate more effectively
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