Hiring Pros Can Save You Money

DIY is becoming a very popular trend these days.

You can google anything and find out how to do it yourself.  There is a DIY network television channel because of how popular the trend has become in recent years.  If you are confident and capable, DIY is a great option because it can save you a lot of money by not hiring a contractor or business to do the work for you.

Window cleaning seems easy enough to do yourself right? In fact, search “how to clean a window” on youtube and this is what comes up:

image: youtube.ca

Over 6,000,000 results!!

You have so many resources and how to videos at your disposal, yet homeowners call us every day wanting and needing us to clean their windows for them. Why is that?

Some feel they are better off cleaning their windows themselves. There is no problem with that.  While others call us for a multitude of reasons such as, they;

  • Are getting older and are unable to clean the windows anymore
  • Just don’t have the time to clean the windows
  • Would rather use their spare time to relax and spend time with family than clean
  • Don’t feel comfortable using a ladder to clean the higher windows and may hurt themselves
  • Try to clean them, but can never get them clean enough, leading to frustration

Those are just a few, but believe me, there are many more.

You may think I am biased by suggesting hiring a professional when I work for a company that cleans windows, but hear me out.  Yes, it will cost you money for a company to come and clean your windows. That is a factor you can’t get away from. But there are benefits to hiring a pro.

Below is a short list of reasons, the average interested customers, may not think of when it comes to cleaning windows that will save you time, stress and probably money in the long run, when hiring a window cleaning company vs DIY.

  • They’re trained professionals
    • When hiring a window cleaning company, you are hiring professional window cleaners who have been trained to properly clean windows. Chances are they are able to clean windows quicker and more efficiently than you can.  What may take you 8 hours to clean, may only take them a couple.  They are in and out, leaving you with the end result you desire.
  • Covered by Insurance
    • When working at heights, employees need to be certified and have up to date working at heights training certification. In fact, in some instances home owners need to be certified to even work on there own home. ( Click here for more information. )  If an accident was to occur on your property, the company would be held liable not the homeowner.  This can save you a lot of time and stress, by letting the professionals clean the windows instead of doing them yourself.
  • Do you have the proper tools?
    • Having a hose and spraying your windows doesn’t count. Same goes for Windex and paper towels. Window cleaners use commercial grade tools to clean windows that most home owner don’t own.  The quality of tool, goes a long way in cleaning windows properly and in a timely manner.  A mop, squeegee, scraper, chamois, and towel all need to be used to clean a window properly.  The overall cost, and time it takes to research and order the tools, may be over and above what it will cost you to clean your home.
  • Working in Teams
    • Window cleaners work together for many reasons; but mainly for speed and safety. Its very rare to see a single window cleaner sent to a home that is higher than one storey.  Having teams makes the work go by more quickly and allows an extra set of eyes to check over the work to ensure its all done properly.
  • It can be DANGEROUS
    • There is always an element of danger when using a ladder. Making sure the footing is solid and on a slip resistant surface, or even if winds are blowing can effect the stability.  When cleaning a house with multiple levels, ladders are used to reach higher windows.  Ladders are heavy and awkward to move and if you are inexperienced, you may cause damage to your property, home and even yourself.
  • Oops, I missed a spot.
    • No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes no matter the amount of experience. If a home owner was to clean their windows then notice streaks or a spot, they would have to go back and clean them again.  That can be time consuming; and time is money.  If a window cleaning company was to miss a spot or leave a streak, they would have to come back to touch up the issues.  It would cost them; not you.  So unless you’re confident in your window cleaning skills, I suggest having someone else do it to be on the safe side.

The time to think about the job, actually doing the work and the stress of worrying if you are doing it correctly may cost more than hiring a pro.  Doing the work yourself makes you use your free time instead of relaxing and spending time with you family. At the expense of what you’re saving, is it worth giving up what you will be losing?