The Purple Cow – Previous Winners

September 2017 Winner

Eric’s co-worker awarded him the Purple Cow for September for his hard work, positive attitude and perfect attendance!
This is Eric’s third season with Huber Window Cleaning and his first as a Crew Leader.
Eric has excelled at this role and has received many customer compliment!
“Very happy with the window cleaning. Also thankful that Eric took the time to go around with me to check the windows. He also explained why one window still looked foggy even though it was cleaned. I learned something today about windows and broken seals. Very appreciative.”

Congratulations Eric for being the Purple Cow Winner!

August 2017 Winner

Clint did an excellent job this past month. He started to lead our Store fronts and low rise commercial team. He made the transition smoothly and was able to train a new hire at the same time. Clint has been with Huber for a couple years and has been a valued member of the Huber family.

Clint has received excellent comments from our customers!

Congratulations Clint for being the Purple Cow Winner!

July 2017 Winner

Colin really shined in July! (pun intended) Colin has been with Huber Window Cleaning for many years. He had an excellent attitude throughout this busy month and stepped up to help others where needed. Colin also had the best attendance for July showing his commitment to his team members.

Colin’s Crew received excellent review, including this one:

The guys were very professional . They are great workers and their attitudes are amazing. You have a great team of guys working for your company. “

Congratulations Colin for being the Purple Cow Winner!

June 2017 Winner

Ryan has been with Huber Window Cleaning for many years and has proven himself as a great leader. June was extremely busy and scheduling was tight. Ryan consistently stayed on schedule and kept a positive attitude, even when over time was needed. Many great compliments were received for Ryan’s Crew throughout June.

The boys did an excellent job, I really can’t say enough about the great job they did and were very friendly”

Congratulations Ryan for being the Purple Cow Winner!

May 2017 Winner

May was a difficult month for Huber Window Cleaning. We were forced to battle the elements and restructure crews due to absences.

Matt stepped up to the plate and worked his daily job list by himself. He kept a positive attitude despite this short fall, and he was still able to complete all tasks and stayed on time.

He received many great reviews on the webpage and from customers calling the office.

Matt has proven himself as an excellent Crew Leader and an excellent example of what the purple cow represents.

Congratulations Matt!

April 2017 Winner

Last year Zack was promoted to Operations Manager. Over the winter Zack worked hard on planning and organizing for this coming season.
This spring was the smoothest transition to date. All crews were called back and started the same week with no hiccups, this included organizing and training 3 new team members.

Being the Operations Manager for Huber Window Cleaning demands organization, responsibility and most importantly leadership.
That is exactly what Zack brings to work on a daily basis.

Congratulations Zack!

Congratulations, Purple Cow, Winner, outstanding service

April 2017 Winner

June 2016 Winner

Bert took home the first ever “Purple Cow” award this week.  He received the award for not only going above and beyond what is expected from him on a regular work week. But Bert, even in the hot and humid weather (average temperature was 29.4c without humidity), wanted to help crews after his scheduled work was complete.  Bert work incredibly hard this week and clearly put in the extra effort to fully deserve this award.

Congratulations Bert! Keep it up!


July 2016 Winner

After Bert received the first ever “Purple Cow” award, it was clear, he would have some stiff competition vying for it the following week.  Unfortunately for him, he didn’t win the award back to back.  This week’s winner goes to Josh.

Starting the year Josh had one goal; not to miss a day of work.  He has delivered on that goal all summer. Even in the excruciating heat over the past 6 weeks, Josh has always had a smile on his face and comes to work everyday eager to start. Josh is constantly joking around and lightening the mood and is very deserving of this award.

Congratulations Josh. Great Job!20160805_070338

August 2016 Winner

Ryan is one of the longest tenured members of Huber Window Cleaning.  With that experience Ryan has been a Crew Leader for several years and excels in his role.  Constantly, he is paired with new members so he can’t teach them the idiosyncrasies that come with window cleaning, pressure washing and eavestrough cleaning.

Always open to helping other crews and training new members of the team; Ryan is a great example of what the Purple Cow is all about.

Congratulations Ryan!


September 2016 Winner

Sue has been apart of the Huber Window Cleaning family for almost a decade; 9 years to be exact.  Sue has deserved this award before we even implemented it.  Sue wears many hats at Huber Window Cleaning whether it is Customer Service, Scheduling, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Invoicing and that is in addition to daily administrative requirements.

Sue is always in a great mood with a smile on her face.  Her handwork and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.  On a side note, Sue just became a grandmother to beautiful, happy and healthy granddaughter.

Congratulations Sue!


October 2016 Winners

For the first time, we had co-winners of the Purple Cow award this month; Colin and Zack.

 Combined Colin and Zack have almost a decade of window cleaning experience. Being a crew leader for Huber Window Cleaning demands  responsibility and leadership.  That is exactly what Zack and Colin both bring to work on an everyday basis.  Through hardwork, a positive attitude and willingness to learn they both rose fast to a crew leader position in the company and have never looked back.

Both Zack and Colin are great examples of how hard work, pride and dedication can transform you from a crew member into a crew leader.

Congratulations Colin and Zack!





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