When You Love What You Do

Trust, Community, Collaboration and Innovation

Huber Window Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. The Company was first started in 1973 by Eric Huber. His son Jason has now owned and operated the business for the last 8 years, while Eric enjoys his retirement.

Jason’s vision for the company has been focused on excellence, not only to provide great customer service and a friendly work environment but also to go above and beyond for his employees. Jason launched the campaign to “Brighten People’s Day: one interaction at a time” in 2016. The campaign has been successful, with customers and employees responding positively.

In Early March, business was starting to get busy again and Jason rallied the troops to get them ready for another big season. As he has done in the past, Jason always asks for feedback and what he can do to improve Huber Window Cleaning. A long time employee, Ryan McIntosh, spoke up and asked Jason why he always asks about what needs improvement and never asks what they love about working at Huber Window Cleaning. Jason loved this question and asked Ryan to share his own experience.

Ryan verbally provided positive feedback and after the meeting gave Jason this letter:

The reasons why I love Huber

Huber, team work, love working, great job

Ryan – Huber Window Cleaning

I started at Huber with intentions of only working one season just to get by but once I started I was hooked. I loved the family feel the care for one another and the trust that came with it. I pride myself on top quality work and Huber shares the same value which makes it more enjoyable knowing we want the best. We are well looked after being one of the only seasonal company’s that provides a benefit program, personal support and specialised training. We are encouraged to grow and develop ourselves for anything we want to be and offers the chance for advancement. I have never felt so good with an employer where you actual feel important and wanted like I have with Huber and that’s why now I’m on my sixth year with this company.

The feedback Ryan provided Brightened Jason’s day, “Getting a review like this makes it all worth while.” Jason commented.

This review reinforces the vision Jason has for Huber Window Cleaning, “Brighten People’s Day: one interaction at a time”.

Written by: Danielle Huber
Huber Window Cleaning